Friday, 9 December 2011

9.12.11 Today I'm Wearing....

Today I'm trying to go for warmer colours, teaming my beige skirt from Primark, with my new terracotta pussy bow blouse from Jane Norman, and my navy blue cardi from H&M. Idk what's happened to my hair today, a friend and I walked into town and got distracted by a zipwire in a children's play area so my hair is now even bigger than usual due to be overly windswept! Ah well, I actually quite like it! Huh, who'd have thought I'd ever say that I liked how my hair looked?!! xx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

To make my potentially plain outfit more interesting, I've painting my nails with tiger stripes! The method is REALLY simple for this nail art. I've used Rimmel Lycra Pro in shade 440 Orange Bliss, and my black Model's Own Nail Art Pen.

1. Firstly, paint your nails in your orange nail colour. Two coats at least is best. 
2. When your varnish is dry, draw stripes on your nails to look like tiger print. It's best to keep the stripes going in the same direction - either horizontal curving up or horizontal curving down. If you mix between the two it looks strange. 

8.12.11 Today I'm Wearing...

Today I'm going a bit smart casual really. I'm wearing my bow pattern tights, my olive green shorts from New Look, my thin white cotton blouse from New Look and my navy cardi from H&M. Perhaps a rather simple outfit, but I'm comfy and it's getting towards the end of term so I'm getting more and more casual by the day!! xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

7.12.11 Today I'm wearing.....

Today I'm having a brown day. I'm wearing my slouchy brown and orange striped jumper from Dorothy Perkins, and my olive brown shorts from New Look. Along with, of course, my knee high tan boots. I'm starting to think they're the only shoes I brought to uni with me, I wear them all the time! I've even painted my nails to match my outfit as I was ridiculously energetic at 7:30 this morning when I woke up! The nail polish I've used is Barry M 'Mushroom' - I absolutely love it, and I find I often prefer darker colours of nail varnish in the winter, as if my mood for colour is dependant on the weather. What do you guys think - do you prefer to brighten your wardrobe during the darker months, or do you find yourself shrouding yourself in black? xx

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

6.12.11 Today I'm wearing...

Today I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses, its terracotta and has a print of small cats on it. I got it from the Clothes Show last year and absolutely love it. It's one of the items I wear which gets really mixed reactions, some people think it's adorable, others think that I must be crazy to wear something like this. I'm teaming it with a plain navy cardi today from H&M. I have a french grammar test in half an hour worth 10% of my module mark for this year, eeeek! What have you all been up to today? xx

Monday, 5 December 2011

Red and Green. Well, it is nearly Christmas!!!

Today I'm feeling Christmassy and have co-ordinated my feelings with the colours I'm wearing. I'm wearing my black leggings and tan knee high boots to try to keep my tootsies warm, and my emerald jumper dress from H&M along with my bright red summer coat from Primark to brighten up a dark day here in Canterbury. Can't say I was particularly warm walking round campus earlier, but that's what you get for leaving your two winter coats in various places around the country. Only 10 days until I'm home for the Christmas holidays though. Just got to get through a French grammar test and 3 English Lit essays before I go home!! How are you all getting into the Christmas spirit? x

Sunday, 4 December 2011

POW! Pop Art Nails

Another nail art design I experimented with whilst in Northampton was the POW! Pop Art nail design which has become popular recently. I was really happy with how they turned out! In contrast to my leopard skin nails, I stuck to two colours rather than three, but still alternated the base colour on each nail. 

I did my fingers as a simple spot design, with the POW! design on the thumb. I was quite annoyed though as I did the POW! design on my left thumb but then asked my sister to do it on my right, as I thought I'd mess it up left handed. But she messed it up as well so it ended up saying 'POV' :) Guess I'll just have to have more confidence in myself in future!!! 

1.12.11 - The Other Day I Wore.....

When in Northampton last weekend, my sister gave me one of her dresses which I've always borrowed whenever I can, and she's got fed up of. Apart from having a small rip along the bottom, the dress is lovely. I've now fixed the rip and I wore the dress - originally from Dorothy Perkins - with my pastel pink cardi from H&M and my tan knee high boots from New Look. 

Leopard Print Nails

Last weekend when I was in Northampton for my sister's 21st birthday, we went shopping and I bought some new nail varnishes, ANDDDD my new favourite toy, a nail art pen. So on Friday when her and her lovely housemates were at uni in lectures, I sat and procrastinated by painting my nails. The colours are all Barry M - £2.99 from Boots - in 'Blue Moon' 'Berry Ice Cream' and 'Strawberry Ice Cream'. The nail art pen is a model's inc black pen with 2 brushes for different details. The method is really simple :

1. Paint your nails in your chosen colour - 2 coats of Barry M is probably a minimum for me, as I think it looks faded otherwise with most colours.
2. Put spots of the second colour on top - you should only need one coat for the spots, as the dollop of colour will be quite concentrated rather than strokes of colour which are being spread over the nail. 
3. When you're sure that the nail varnish has dried (this can take a while!!!), draw 2/3 short lines around the edge of each spot, with gaps between the lines, and a few random lines on the base colour as well.
4. Wait for your nails to dry, and voila!! 

The Other Day I Wore....(30.11.11)

Firstly, sorry I haven't blogged in so long, I've had so much work to do that it's just fallen by the way-side. So yeah, prepare yourselves for 4 posts in quick succession whilst I catch you up! :)
On November 30th, I wore my little black dress from H&M, my new pastel pink cardi from H&M, and my black and white check shoes from Dorothy Perkins :) I was sooo cold all day though cause I kept forgetting to put my coat on before leaving my room for lectures, and it didn't stop raining all day! 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Today I'm wearing......

Today is an exciting day! I'm off with a friend to view a house that we may live in next year!! So I'm dressing kind of smart casual, with my knee high boots, harem pants tucked in, and my stripey blue and white jumper, all from New Look! There's a real chill in the air now as winter has definitely hit, you can usually see right down the hill into town from my window, and everything is obscured by fog today, so this outfit is perfect :) hope you're all having nice days! x

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Straightened Hair and a Smile

Oh I love making time to straighten my hair. I always feel soooo much better about myself with straight hair. Today I've had a really casual day, but tonight I'm going out to one of the campus bars for stand up comedy night so I've changed my outfit. I'm wearing my winter staple brown knee high boots from New Look, my chequered shorts from H&M, a basic white T-Shirt from H&M, and my cream cardi from New Look. I'm also wearing my lovely charm necklace from Dorothy Perkins. Can't wait for a good night. Are you up to anything interesting tonight? :) x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Rimmel Lycra Pro Nail Polish - 500 Peppermint

I really love this nail polish. Although it looks more blue in the bottle, I do like the colour. The only thing is it is VERY similar to my Barry M 'Mint Green' Nail Polish, which makes it kind of pointless having both. Ah well. Do you guys like it? x

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I hope you're all enjoying the sheer hilarity of the above pictures. Today, I'm looking out of my bedroom window and realising that where I can normally see the whole city of Canterbury sprawled out beneath me, there is a dense fog and nothing is visible, not even the Cathedral. Winter has definitely arrived. So, I'm not really feeling for colour. I'm wearing my lovely new little black dress from H&M which is not only reallllyyy comfy, but floaty and gorgeous as well. I'm also wearing my little black pumps from New Look, my bow pattern tights from New Look, and my sister's slouchy jumper from Dorothy Perkins, which I stole before we went to France this September and haven't given back yet. Ooo! And also, because it's soooo cold so suddenly, I've slipped on my black and gold leg warmers to keep my ankles warm - and also to hide the fact that I'm wearing socks under my tights to keep my toes warm in these little pumps!! 
I've just got in from a friend's where we've all been playing the board game articulate. What are your favourite board games guys? xx

Friday, 4 November 2011


Bow Detail Vest Blouse - Dorothy Perkins
Chequered Print Shorts - H&M
Cream Brogue Style Pumps - Dorothy Perkins
Bow Pattern Tights - Dorothy Perkins

Flower Ring - Topshop 
Barry M Fuchsia Nail Polish - Boots

Hair in a Chignon :)

How are you all spending your Friday nights? Mine's being spent in my bedroom at uni finishing an English Lit assignment and drinking cocoa :) x

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Green T-shirt - £3.99 - H&M, 
Brown Knee-High Boots - New Look, 
Beige Skirt with Brown Button Belt Detail - Primark
Mustard cardigan - H&M

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What I'm wearing 1.11.11

Wow, there's a whole load of 1s in that header! Today I'm wearing one of my FAVOURITE new dresses from H&M, my black pumps from New Look, and my blue cardi from Primark. I really ought to get a new navy cardi, as this one has little holes in the back of it from fag ash blowing on it and burning through the thin material! Ah well, its casual, but I like it! :) x

Monday, 31 October 2011

WIW 31.10.11

Today I'm wearing my autumn wardrobe staple of my knee-high boots, my mustard cardigan and my navy dress with flower patterned bra section which I got from the Clothes Show at the NEC in Birmingham last December. I really wish I could go to the Clothes Show again this year but I'm so busy at uni, and the weekend that it's on I'm going Christmas shopping in London anyway :) I mean, the Clothes Show was good, but London is soooooo much better!! 

Have nice days y'all xx

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Just LOOK at these beautiful shoes!!!

Aperlai Silk and Canvas Sandals

Georgina Goodman Kate 1 Leather Pumps

Giuseppe Zanotti Bodler Rosette-Embellished Leather Pumps

Supertrash Famous Peep-Toe Suede Pumps

WANTS: Zara Coats & Scarves

Black Platform Court Shoe - £59.99
Large Polka Dot Scarf - £19.99
Blue and White Polka Dot Scarf - £15.99
Feather Print Scarf - £19.99

WANTS: Zara Knitwear, Shirts & T-Shirts

Bright Orange Boat Neck Jersey - £19.99
White Twill Shirt - £22.99
T-Shirt with 'Le Monde' Vintage Print - £17.99
White Poplin Shirt - £29.99

WANTS: Zara Trousers

'Wine' Double Panelled Trousers - £25.99
Yellow Skinny Trousers - £35.99 - ALSO AVAILABLE IN TEAL

WANTS: Zara dresses & skirts

Dark Blue Lace Dress - £39.99
Deep Blue Dress with Flared Skirt - £45.99
Blue/Grey Lace Dress - £39.99
Dark Blue Panel Skirt - £25.99

WANTS : Zara Coats and Blazers

Teal Double Breasted Coat - £99.99
Blazer with Sequins - £59.99

Always love clothing from Zara, even if it is a little bit expensive for my budget. I really wish I could find a job that would allow me to shop there more often. Maybe in a few years time! 

Friday, 28 October 2011

J Crew s/s 2012

I really wish I could afford to shop at J Crew, as this label is so young and fresh. Although obviously being better produced than my clothes, my style is also quite similar to a lot of the looks produced by J Crew. I just wish there were some J Crew stores in Britain!

Marc by Marc Jacobs RTW s/s 2012

I'll keep this simple. Marc Jacobs has excelled himself with this collection.

Jean Paul Gaultier RTW s/s 2012

Not only do I adore the above looks, I really like the way in which JPG set this show out. He had the models walking down the runway holding numbered cards corresponding to the look they were modelling. Not only is this a brilliant idea, but the models seemed to have fun with the cards - messing around and fanning themselves with them - and thus looked like they were having fun doing the show. This is always lovely to see as for me, there is nothing worse when looking through photos of fashion shows, than models who look like they're bored, or couldn't care less about being there. 

Diane Von Furstenberg RTW s/s 2012

Ever since I watched the first season of Whitney Port's "The City" in which she works at DVF, I've been interested in the label. I really enjoy looking through her collections as her use of printed fabric always seems to go down well. Her spring/summer 2012 collection is no different, with the photos above being simply a few of an incredible line. 

Dolce & Gabbana s/s 2012

Dolce & Gabbana is not a label I usually enjoy perusing, and I must say that although I'm writing this incredibly short review, and I do like the outfits in the above photos, I wasn't impressed with the line as a whole. Apart from the first image, the fruit pattern fabric was simply awful in my opinion. None of the dresses were cut in a way that showed off the fabric, and the lines that had been sculpted into the dress deformed the print completely.

Dior RTW s/s 2012

Of course, Christian Dior is another VERY famous name in the fashion industry. The bohemian, floaty dresses created by the designers for the spring/summer 2012 line are all gorgeous. The prints of the dresses are so feminine and I'm really hoping that these feminine style prints show up on the high street so that I can join in with this trend!

Chloe s/s 2012

The blue pants in the first image are one of my absolute favourite items from all of the spring/summer 2012 shows. Although Chloe is not one of my favourite labels, I really love the casual and yet chic and tailored look of the new collection. The pastels work well with the bright colour-blocked handbags and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they do for a/w 2012 :) 

Chanel RTW s/s 2012

When looking through the latest shows, it may be predictable, but I ALWAYS without fail go straight for Chanel. There is a reason that Chanel is the most famous fashion label in the world. The dresses are always beautiful and sculpted, with tailored details that work well with the feminine image. J'adore Chanel!

Oscar de la Renta RTW s/s 2012

I absolutely adore the bright colours used by Oscar de la Renta in his spring/summer 2012 collection, but also in many of his previous collections. I always remember the scene in the docu-film "The September Issue" when the Vogue team visit Oscar de la Renta for a preview of his latest collection, and one of the dresses is an incredible vibrant orange. Absolutely beautiful :)

Carolina Herrera s/s 2012

Worn by the likes of Blake Lively, Carolina Herrera's gowns never fail to amaze. Her s/s 2012 collection is no exception, with the floral prints and floaty gowns bringing together a cohesive and stunning collection. Absolutely adore it :) xx

Bill Blass s/s 2012

Can't say I've ever bothered to look at any Bill Blasso clothing, but I'm so glad I looked at the spring/summer 2012 line on! Its so chic and beautiful. Definitely going to become a designer that I regularly check up on :) 

Anna Sui s/s 2012

I've always loved the floaty almost bohemian style of Anna Sui's dresses, but she's really excelled herself with her spring/summer 2012 line. For me, its not only the bohemian style, but also the beautiful patterned fabric used. I would absolutely LOVE to own one of her dresses, but alas, the cheapest of them are still $400. Maybe in years to come :) x

Alexander McQueen RTW s/s 2012

Sarah Burton's first show since the Royal Wedding took place during Paris Fashion Week. As always with the Alexander McQueen line, the dresses shown were quirky but elegant, with this season's main focus on feathers and ruffles. I must say, McQueen is not necessarily a designer I would name amongst my favourites, but following the beautiful work Burton accomplished with the two dresses for the Royal Wedding, I couldn't wait to see what she produced. And I wasn't disappointed! The dresses are sculpted, elegant, and yet fun! Above are my three favourite looks shown in the Paris show :) 

Thursday, 27 October 2011

What I'm wearing - 27.10.2011

I absolutely adore what I'm wearing today!! And its the first time I've worn most of this outfit too so I'm dead excited! :) Vogue UK's "look for this autumn/winter" is knee high boots, shorts, and a polo neck jumper. And look what I've got on!! The teal polo neck and the grey and brown chequered shorts are from H&M, and the knee high boots are the same as yesterday, new favourite shoes, from New Look. Have a fabulous day guys, I'm going home for the weekend this afternoon so may not blog over the weekend (all my nice clothes are here so I'll be wearing scruffs at home!) xx

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

What I'm wearing today...

Today I've gone for a bit of a mish mash of colours really, but ultimately I like the result - it may be due to me only having 5 hours sleep so forgive me if you think it's hideous!! I'm wearing my grey slouchy beret from M&S, my blue and white striped jumper from Primark, my olive/grey shorts from New Look and my FAVOURITE new tan knee high boots, also from New Look. What are you all wearing today? N x

Today I wore....

Sorry about the moody face in this picture guys, I'm majorly tired! Today I'm wearing my casual terracotta/tan blouse from Primark, my sequin beret from River Island, the comfiest trousers in the world, otherwise known as my flower print pallazzo pants from Quiz, and due to my tiny legs but majorly long trousers, my black wedged sandals from New Look. NOT a good outfit to be wearing when it decides to absolutely pour down in Canterbury when you're walking home from dinner, but amazingly comfy nonetheless! Hope you've all had good days!! N xx

Monday, 24 October 2011

WANTS: Topshop 24.10.2011

(left to right)
Dark Green Ponte Pleated Body-Con Dress - £46.00
Knitted Striped Slouch Jumper - £46.00
Side Tuck Chiffon Shirt in Magenta - £34.00
Cream Short Sleeve Pussybow Blouse - £36.00
Big Ribbon Top by Sister Jane in Tan - £45.00
Knitted Cable Crest Cardigan in Cobalt - £38.00
Floral Print Shorts - £30.00
Cable Knit Jumper in Mustard - £34.00
White Colour Block Sateen Skirt - £15.00 - SALE
Seam Back Tights - £7.00
Nude Bow Seam Suspender Tights - £8.50