Friday, 11 January 2013


I haven't posted on here in bloody ages, but I'm having a good hair day today, so I thought I'd take a photo and put it up :)

I got a camera for Christmas so one of my New Year's Resolutions is to take more photographs. Hopefully that will mean that I post on here a lot more frequently. I'm living in a 3 bed flat in Canterbury now, and am off to Paris next year on my year abroad. I am incredibly excited to be living in one of the major fashion hubs of the world, and hopefully my style will evolve even further whilst living there.

Friday, 13 April 2012


I've just got in from a night out at a friend's watching films. It was just a casual thing, and so I dressed quite casual! Makes sense I suppose! I wore a light pink cheesecloth vest blouse, my black tube skirt and tan tights. My hair's crazy tonight cause I've had it in a side plait all day again, so its dried kind of straight and kind of curly. I quite like it though! xx

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sorry for the major absence

I've been completely useless recently after losing my bb usb cable. Whoops!! Butttt, I'm back at home for the Easter Holidays, and I've found a spare, result!! Today I found out that I've been elected as the newspaper features editor for my uni newspaper! I'm so excited to be in charge of the fashion pages of the newspaper, and look forward to sharing some of my work for you guys. So what does a new editor wear to lounge around the house avoiding essays and rain? I've gone for an old H&M vest top, and my flower print palazzo pants. My hair is also finally long enough to put in a side scrunched plait, a la Serena van der Woodsen in this last week's Gossip Girl :) How've you all been and what are you wearing today? xxx

Friday, 9 December 2011

9.12.11 Today I'm Wearing....

Today I'm trying to go for warmer colours, teaming my beige skirt from Primark, with my new terracotta pussy bow blouse from Jane Norman, and my navy blue cardi from H&M. Idk what's happened to my hair today, a friend and I walked into town and got distracted by a zipwire in a children's play area so my hair is now even bigger than usual due to be overly windswept! Ah well, I actually quite like it! Huh, who'd have thought I'd ever say that I liked how my hair looked?!! xx

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

To make my potentially plain outfit more interesting, I've painting my nails with tiger stripes! The method is REALLY simple for this nail art. I've used Rimmel Lycra Pro in shade 440 Orange Bliss, and my black Model's Own Nail Art Pen.

1. Firstly, paint your nails in your orange nail colour. Two coats at least is best. 
2. When your varnish is dry, draw stripes on your nails to look like tiger print. It's best to keep the stripes going in the same direction - either horizontal curving up or horizontal curving down. If you mix between the two it looks strange. 

8.12.11 Today I'm Wearing...

Today I'm going a bit smart casual really. I'm wearing my bow pattern tights, my olive green shorts from New Look, my thin white cotton blouse from New Look and my navy cardi from H&M. Perhaps a rather simple outfit, but I'm comfy and it's getting towards the end of term so I'm getting more and more casual by the day!! xx