Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I hope you're all enjoying the sheer hilarity of the above pictures. Today, I'm looking out of my bedroom window and realising that where I can normally see the whole city of Canterbury sprawled out beneath me, there is a dense fog and nothing is visible, not even the Cathedral. Winter has definitely arrived. So, I'm not really feeling for colour. I'm wearing my lovely new little black dress from H&M which is not only reallllyyy comfy, but floaty and gorgeous as well. I'm also wearing my little black pumps from New Look, my bow pattern tights from New Look, and my sister's slouchy jumper from Dorothy Perkins, which I stole before we went to France this September and haven't given back yet. Ooo! And also, because it's soooo cold so suddenly, I've slipped on my black and gold leg warmers to keep my ankles warm - and also to hide the fact that I'm wearing socks under my tights to keep my toes warm in these little pumps!! 
I've just got in from a friend's where we've all been playing the board game articulate. What are your favourite board games guys? xx

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